Three styles of modern wall coat racks

Written By: Rochelle N Males

Coat racks have become fashionable pieces of furniture to include in one’s home or office decor. They can come in a variety of forms, including wall mounted selections and can be made out of practically any medium such as metal, wood or plastic.

The most popular type of coat rack is the wall mounted type, and there are literally thousands of options out there for one to choose from. Modern wall coat rack styles widely vary to meet the needs of anyone. A few popular style categories can include:

1. Artistic styles

Artistic styles are some of the most popular wall mounted coat rack options on the market. These type of coat racks are perfect for holding hats, coats, keys, scarves and bags of any sort and come in an assortment of options. They can also double as beautiful–or even funky–wall decor to spruce up any entryway or wall space. Options for these styles range from paintings with pegs to racks with brightly colored and oddly shaped hooks to even a line of funky hooks shaped like hands. There’s a little bit of something for everyone when they go the artistic route.

2. Extra storage styles

Another style of wall mounted coat racks that is quite popular happens to be the kind with extra storage built right in. For instance, if one wanted to to corral all their accessories–such as mittens, scarves, earmuffs and sunglasses–with their hats, coats or bags they would probably be most interested in a coat rack with cubby options. This is especially handy for helping the kids keep all of their stuff in one place for easy find
ing and easy cleanup.

However, if one simply needed a space to set down small packages or purses while they hung their coat up then a wall mounted coat rack with simple shelving options would probably suit them just fine. One could even choose a coat rack with an attached bench. This would then give one a place to store their shoes under the bench while hanging their coats on the rack–and in some cases, the bench opens up for extra storage space.

3. DIY styles

A quick Google search will easily show that, currently, the most popular type of wall mounted coat rack are the do-it-yourself (DIY) racks. This is simply because this style of wall mounted coat rack presents a person with endless opportunities for sprucing up their entryway. One can use any sturdy scrap material–such as old doors, pallets and even toys or silverware–and basic art supplies–like paints, stencils and stickers for instance–to create stunning and creative wall mounted coat racks. This is especially great for creating personalized coat racks for children or simply an individual who cannot quite find what they are looking for in the market.

There are many types and styles of wall mounted coat racks to choose from and these are just a few of the more popular selections. From simple and elegant to creative and funky, there is an infinite supply of choices to opt for.

Mounting hooks vs. mounting coat racks: the pros and cons to each

Written By: TahaniNelson

There are several things to consider when choosing between mounting a complete coat rack to your wall or going with individual mounting hooks. While each has its own merits and downfalls, the decision ultimately depends on three things: aesthetics, available space and utilization.


Arguably the most important of the three factors, the aesthetics of your project will determine how much you like the look of your finished installment. While both options offer a variety of styles and designs, a wall-mounted coat rack is more customizable overall. Do you have a rustic cabin? Look for a pine finish and bear carvings. Is your home sleek and modern? Silver hooks on a black mounting may compliment your current décor. Perhaps you would prefer something with a display mirror, or a flat shelf? Mounted coat racks are available in a large array of styles, colors and sizes and can be an elegant addition to your already-established theme.

However, while more customizable overall, there are some fixed settings with mountable coat racks. Expect one or two rows of identical, evenly-spaced and unalterable hooks. Size, color and design are also permanent after your initial purchase. While reliable, this may not fit your needs. Individual mounting hooks offer you more freedom in spacing, layout and color. Maybe a zig-zag pattern fits the room better than a straight line? If your area is filled with varying colors, why not choose mounting hooks to match? Individual hooks offer unique mounting options and leave your room more open to change and additions. With mountable coat racks, it is very difficult (and often impossible) to make significant changes after the initial installment.

Available space

One of your most practical considerations is how much space you have available. While great for large areas because of their overall designs, mounted coat racks tend to make smaller spaces look crowded. It is also impossible to alter their width, height, or hook spacing after the initial installment. With individual mounting hooks, however, you can elect for a more space-friendly staggered look, or alter your mountings as needed.


Finally, it is necessary to consider what you plan on using your wall hooks for. Will your hanging items be stagnant, or will they change from season to season? Perhaps alterable wall hooks will give you more flexibility and options for change. Do you want to hang your scarves or hats with your coats? Maybe two rows of hooks will fit your needs better than one. Would it be more convenient to have a shelf or mirror? Then perhaps a mounted coat rack is best. An item’s utility is as important as its appearance, so you must be certain that your final decision is going to fit all of your prerequisites.

Overall, your new installment, whether it is a complete coat rack or individual mounting hooks, will be a reflection of your tastes and needs. The customizability of your options grants the power to make your final decision something that is both serviceable and uniquely you.

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