Prime placements for a wall coat rack at home

Written By: Tammy Cramblett

The proper placement of a wall coat rack is very important. For example, no one would think of mounting one in the refrigerator. The very thought is just silly. However, choosing the right place may not be as easy as it sounds. 

A wall coat rack should be placed where it will be the most functional. Going back to the refrigerator example, unless a jacket is needed every time the refrigerator door is opened, a wall coat rack would not be functional there. When considering placement in the home, there are a few areas to consider.


Mounting a coat rack by an entrance makes sense in a few ways. For example, people can walk inside, take off their coats and have a spot to put them. It is just as convenient to grab their coats on the way out the door. This is good as opposed to having to walk through the home with a dripping wet coat in search of where to put it. 

A coat rack near an entrance also frees up hallway closet space for other items. The coats are in plain sight and not being pressed up against other garments. A wet winter coat sitting up against a nice sweater is not a happy thought. 

Child’s room

At first thought, placing a coat rack in a child’s room may not sound like a wise idea. However, by doing so a child can begin learning how to organize his/her belongings. This can also teach responsibility.

Proper placement in a child’s room could be behind the door or on the wall near the door. Mounting the rack on the closet door is another workable possibility. The key is to mount the rack low enough that the child can easily reach it while keeping it out of the way. 

Garage/utility room

For people who have garages attached to their homes, a coat rack mounted near the entrance into the home, could work well. This placement eliminates the need for a dirty or wet coat to enter the home at all. People who have a detached garage can mount a wall coat rack for work coats and jackets. 

The utility room is another excellent placement for a wall coat rack. Some people call these rooms “mud rooms” and for a very good reason. This is the room that usually contains muddy and wet coats, boots and other weather related items. These rooms tend to not be carpeted and therefore drip drying coats from the coat rack poses no threat to the flooring. 

There are both good places and not so good places to mount a wall coat rack. The rack should be mounted where it will serve the intended purpose the best. This can be next to the front or back door, inside the garage or even in a child’s room.

One thing to keep in mind is flooring. Mounting a wall coat rack above a carpeted area could lead to wet carpet during rainy and snowy weather. This is one example of how choosing rack placement may not be as easy as it sounds. Consider functionality and practicality when looking for that perfect wall space. 

Alternate usage for a wall coat rack

Written By: Tammy Cramblett

Wall mounted coat racks are handy for a couple of reasons. Saving space is one of those reasons. Whether a person has a small living space or simply wants to keep extra room on the floor for muddy shoes, wall coat racks are nice. Another good reason to use a wall coat rack is convenience. It is really nice to walk through the door and hang a coat on the wall rack rather than in a closet. This is especially true if the coat is wet or dirty. 

There may come a time when the wall coat rack is no longer in use. Perhaps a person upgrades to a bigger one or a different style. Whatever the reason, it is advisable not rush into removing the old rack. Many alternate uses can be found for that old rack.

Decorative piece

Wall coat racks can be dressed up in many creative ways. One example is by hanging silk plants from the hooks or pegs. Silk leaves can be wound around the edges of the rack to finish off the look. Silk plants can be changed according to season or personal taste in colors and decor. 

Another decorative idea is hanging ornaments, garland, Christmas stockings, lights or other festive items from the rack. A plain wall coat rack can easily be turned into a holiday hub. 

A simple and safe idea is to hang flameless candles from the hooks or pegs. This can create ambient lighting for a relaxing evening. To achieve this, simply place a small flameless candle inside of a container that has some type of handle. For example a clear or lightly tinted glass coffee mug. 

Key holder

Wall coat racks are a great way to keep keys readily at hand. It also can ensure a place for those keys that are important, but not used all the time. One thing to note is that since many wall rack pegs are too large to hang keys, a lanyard or something similar may need to be used. 


There is nothing worse than having to search high and low for those headphones or that scarf that seems to vanish when needed. Keep small items like these easily accessible by hanging on a wall coat rack. Not only will the location of these items be known, but this may also save money by not having to replace lost items. 

Other things that can be kept neat and organized include power and extension cords. It is amazing how easily those cords can become tangled when a person is not looking. No matter how nicely a cord is wound, it inevitably has a mind of its own and will turn into a mess. As many people know, it takes time to untangle that mess and only happens when the cord is needed at that moment. 

Towel rack

In the kitchen, dish towels can be very useful, until it’s time to figure out the right hanging spot. Wet towels do not dry properly when draped on a countertop. Using a wall coat rack can solve that problem. 

The same idea can be applied in the bathroom. Use for hand towels or bath towels. It is wise to note whether the rack is sturdy enough to hold heavy, damp towels. 

Cleaning supply rack

Easily free up space on the floor and even somewhat protect mops and brooms by hanging each upside down on a wall coat rack. The nice thing about this idea is that a rack can be mounted inside a closet, in the utility room or even a corner of the kitchen. 

The same idea can also apply to storing lawn rakes, push brooms and even winter storage for the garden hose. For these items, mount the rack in the garage or utility room of the home or business. 

It can be rewarding and beneficial to get creative with those old wall coat racks. Recycling and reusing these racks can be fun and thrifty. The best part is, the possibilities are endless. 

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