Vertical vs. horizontal coat racks

Written By: Corette Homan

There are virtually a hundred different varieties of coat racks out there that can be chosen, from the traditional coat tree or the horizontal coat rack to many do-it-yourself designs. However, not all coat racks are suited for individual needs.

The vertical coat rack–A vertical coat rack is a good option if space is limited. One such stand is the traditional coat tree that lurks in the corner of one shop or another, as well as in the homes of friends and family. This vertical coat rack generally has three to four upper hangers for hats or coats and lower hooks usually meant to hold backpacks or purses. These frames have been around for centuries, decorating parlors and barber shops alike.

Wall-mounted units are compact space savers for limited storage, and many others have extra pegs or slots where additional mounting hooks can be added. There are several varieties of the coat tree, including a do-it-yourself version that resembles a tree trunk with little dowels stuck into it at random intervals.

However, there is one characteristic of this vertical coat tree that would make it undesirable — with limited space comes the need to stack coats or hats if the rack does not contain enough hooks. This may result in a wearer to have to sift through someone else’s coats and miscellaneous items to find their own, creating an awkwardness that could be avoided otherwise with a more versatile coat rack.

The horizontal coat rack–Another common variety of coat rack is the horizontal coat rack, which is basically a board of any type with mounting hooks attached to it. This variety is often seen in school hallways or mud rooms. Although it is not as aesthetically pleasing as the coat tree, but it is very functional and expandable.

These mounting hooks are designed so that coats or hats can be draped over the top hook, and purses or backpacks can be hung under it on the second hook, providing a sort of hiding place under the coat. It is a similar design to the hooks on the coat tree. The hooks are lined up evenly across a board every few inches and can allow additional hangers to be added or subtracted, depending on individual or business needs.

If a more upmarket look is desired, then different edging, molding, paint or fancier mounting brackets can give it a more decorative appeal.

A good do-it-yourself project is a horizontal coat rack mounted on a bench with a tall back, painted and distressed to give it a very rustic appearance and then placed next to a front door, ready for a coat or two. A horizontal coat rack with hooks lining a coat closet at varying heights for adults and kids can be a great space saver project.

A horizontal coat rack can be more effective than a vertical one as the design allows for the option of coats that do not overlap. It is more convenient because it eliminates the need to rifle through several coats and bags to find the correct one.

Since a coat rack is a necessary and useful tool, it should be convenient for everyone to use. A person’s or business’ individual needs and tastes determine which coat rack is preferable. To avoid awkward situations or to save a little extra space, a carefully selected coat rack can find a suitable place anywhere.

Top five places to buy coat racks

Written By: Ambrianna Freeze

Coat racks are a lovely way to add charm and sophistication to a home. Choosing the right one for a specific home décor or style is difficult to accomplish online, so buying a coat rack in person is an ideal way to find one that fits in perfectly. The top five stores to visit to purchase a coat rack are style=”font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri,sans-serif; line-height: 19px;”>Lowe’s, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and Home Depot. Each of these stores has an excellent selection of coat racks and a full staff to help answer any questions.

Lowe’s has an excellent selection of coat racks, varying from simple, wall mounted pieces appropriate for a mudroom to intricate coat stands for the front entryway. Shopping at Lowe’s has the advantage of lower prices than a home décor store without sacrificing the quality. Additionally, Lowe’s employees are usu
ally very
knowledgeable and helpful, so finding the perfect coat rack is a simpler process.

Walmart is an amazing place for a buyer who is just beginning to think about buying a coat rack. They have a wide selection of different sizes, shapes and finishes of coat racks, all for low prices. Although the staff is not as knowledgeable about the particulars of coat racks, browsing through the options at Walmart is a low key, low stress excursion. There are no salespeople to try to force you into a decision, and Walmart accepts returns on almost anything, provided it remained

Although their selection is small, Bed Bath and Beyond offers unique coat racks that are difficult to find at other stores. Instead of a traditional coat rack, they sell uncommon styles, like a lighthouse themed coat rack. For a home that does well with minor eclecticism, this store offers stylish options at decent prices. Like Lowe’s or Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond has more knowledgeable pan class=”NormalTextRun SCX179596446″ style=”background-color: inherit;”> salespeople, so questions can be answered quickly.

Target is the epitome of a store to style a home on a budget. Their simple but elegant designs will do well in any home, and Target runs specials and clearance sales often, so with a little patience a new coat rack can be found at a very competitive price. Along with their selection of traditional designs, they also have a few eclectic pieces to be found, so a customer should have no problem finding a new coat rack at Target.

Like Lowe’s, Home Depot offers a strong selection of coat racks and hangers at reasonable prices. Their selection is slightly more traditional than the others, but it does includes some beautiful pieces in a range of colors. Staff at the Home
Depot is generally friendly and helpful, and, like Target, they run specials on all types of furniture and materials.

Finding a stunning coat rack to add to a home is not a simple task, but with many brnads, colors, sizes, shapes and styles to choose from, there is a perfect coat rack for every home. Walmart’s simple and functional collection might appeal to a new buyer who is just exploring the idea of a coat rack, while someone with more whimsical taste might prefer the designs sold at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. Whatever their individual preference, homemakers will be more than satisfied with a coat rack from any one of these retailers.

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