Top five places to buy coat racks

Written By: Ambrianna Freeze

Coat racks are a lovely way to add charm and sophistication to a home. Choosing the right one for a specific home décor or style is difficult to accomplish online, so buying a coat rack in person is an ideal way to find one that fits in perfectly. The top five stores to visit to purchase a coat rack are style=”font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri,sans-serif; line-height: 19px;”>Lowe’s, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and Home Depot. Each of these stores has an excellent selection of coat racks and a full staff to help answer any questions.

Lowe’s has an excellent selection of coat racks, varying from simple, wall mounted pieces appropriate for a mudroom to intricate coat stands for the front entryway. Shopping at Lowe’s has the advantage of lower prices than a home décor store without sacrificing the quality. Additionally, Lowe’s employees are usu
ally very
knowledgeable and helpful, so finding the perfect coat rack is a simpler process.

Walmart is an amazing place for a buyer who is just beginning to think about buying a coat rack. They have a wide selection of different sizes, shapes and finishes of coat racks, all for low prices. Although the staff is not as knowledgeable about the particulars of coat racks, browsing through the options at Walmart is a low key, low stress excursion. There are no salespeople to try to force you into a decision, and Walmart accepts returns on almost anything, provided it remained

Although their selection is small, Bed Bath and Beyond offers unique coat racks that are difficult to find at other stores. Instead of a traditional coat rack, they sell uncommon styles, like a lighthouse themed coat rack. For a home that does well with minor eclecticism, this store offers stylish options at decent prices. Like Lowe’s or Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond has more knowledgeable pan class=”NormalTextRun SCX179596446″ style=”background-color: inherit;”> salespeople, so questions can be answered quickly.

Target is the epitome of a store to style a home on a budget. Their simple but elegant designs will do well in any home, and Target runs specials and clearance sales often, so with a little patience a new coat rack can be found at a very competitive price. Along with their selection of traditional designs, they also have a few eclectic pieces to be found, so a customer should have no problem finding a new coat rack at Target.

Like Lowe’s, Home Depot offers a strong selection of coat racks and hangers at reasonable prices. Their selection is slightly more traditional than the others, but it does includes some beautiful pieces in a range of colors. Staff at the Home
Depot is generally friendly and helpful, and, like Target, they run specials on all types of furniture and materials.

Finding a stunning coat rack to add to a home is not a simple task, but with many brnads, colors, sizes, shapes and styles to choose from, there is a perfect coat rack for every home. Walmart’s simple and functional collection might appeal to a new buyer who is just exploring the idea of a coat rack, while someone with more whimsical taste might prefer the designs sold at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. Whatever their individual preference, homemakers will be more than satisfied with a coat rack from any one of these retailers.

How to find the perfect wall coat rack

Written By: Kara Phillips

Coat racks have come a long way from the traditional coat tree that stood by the door. Today, coat racks are as much a piece of art that hangs on the wall as they are a place to hang your jacket. From functional sculptures to repurposed materials, the options for a stylish coat rack are endless.

Of course, style is the key to the perfect wall coat rack. Begin by taking into account the current aesthetic of the room. While the coat rack should be viewed as a compliment to the space it should not clash with it either. If inspiration is needed to narrow down the design, search the net! Make sure to focus on colors and styles currently represented in the space.

If the room is more contemporary with clean lines and not a lot of color, try focusing on hooks that are colorful and modern. This will create a statement piece in the room that nicely blends the styles.

On the other hand, if the space is warm and has a lot of decor, try a more subtle approach. Focus on blending style and color rather than on making the wall rack a statement piece.

While the design of the wall rack is important, so is the functionality. If it does not hold a coat then its purpose has been defeated. After the style of the piece has been narrowed down, take a look at the construction of the wall rack. If the piece is not sturdy in construction or does not secure firmly to the wall, then it is probably time to move on.

When looking at the construction of the wall rack, take a few things into consideration with regard to the installation space. Does the piece require mounting brackets to the studs of the wall? Does the piece come with the required mounting brackets? The odds are that if the piece is so sturdy that it has to be mounted to the studs then it will certainly hold a coat. If the piece does not come with its own mounting hardware, the likelihood that it can be correctly installed by a non-carpenter is slim.

Buy or DIY:
The final question after narrowing down style, functionality and installation is can this be done at home? Many people find themselves looking at a recent purchase and think, that should have been a DIY. Before heading to the craft store remember these tips. DIY projects should be simple. If the instructions require an internet search for further explanation then its probably better to buy. What is the cost of the DIY as compared to a straightforward purchase? Many times the cost of the DIY supplies far out-way the cost of purchasing the item outright.

Adding functional art to a home or work place can be an excellent way to enhance the atmosphere and increase usable space. With the right wall coat rack in place not only will it make a statement, but it will also make the room.

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